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    All applicants are required to audition in person on one of the official dates. In the live audition you will demonstrate your proficiency in ballet, modern, jazz, and tap (optional) in a classroom setting. You do not need to prepare a solo. All those auditioning for admission into the Palladino School of Dance are held to the same standard of excellence, independent of their chosen degree plan. The auditions are facilitated and adjudicated by the Palladino School of Dance faculty. This audition for admission into the Palladino School of Dance typically lasts three to four hours.

    Please come to your audition prepared with the following:
    • A headshot (snapshot quality is fine).
    • A full length photo of yourself in dance class attire, in profile, depicting correct placement in first arabesque en releve (snapshot quality is fine).
    • A dance resume detailing your study objective, your schooling and your last four years of dance training, including your dance studios' and instructors' names. 
    • Proper dance attire found in your confirmation email

    You will not receive your audition results on your audition day. The Palladino School of Dance faculty will provide your evaluation to our Admissions office, where it will be reviewed along with other required application materials. 

    *For those that live outside of the New England region, or for those who are not able to make it to an on-campus audition, we do also offer a video audition option. Please contact Ashley Reed at for more details.