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    Arch Learning Program Application

    This application is for students who are applying to the Arch Learning Community.

    The following documents are required to complete your Arch application. This documentation will only be reviewed by the staff in the Morton Family Learning Center and must be submitted prior to your Arch interview.

    -Aptitude/Cognitive Ability (WAIS, WIAT, Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test)
    -Academic Achievement (Woodcock Johnson III Achievement Test)
    -Behavioral assessment such as: BASC 2, Connors Rating Scale, Vanderbilt
    -Current IEP or 504 or list of current accommodations received

    Submit your documents online via the Dean College Accommodation and Service Intake Form. 

    All applicants are also required to have an interview with a member of the Morton Family Learning Center. Please click here to schedule your interview after this application has been completed.