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    Dean College and Dance Masters of New England Chapter 5 Scholarship Application

    Please complete the following application to apply for the Dance Masters Scholarship.
    The Dean College Palladino School of Dance is pleased to offer an exclusive scholarship opportunity for students of DMNE Chapter 5-member teachers who wish to pursue a career in the field of dance.
    This special scholarship will be presented to up to two students at the upcoming DMNE Chapter 5 workshop being held November 24, 2019. Each scholarship is valued at a minimum of $18,500 per academic year ($9,250 for each semester) and will be automatically renewed for subsequent semesters provided the recipient(s) maintain satisfactory academic progress and full-time student status at Dean. (Note: students who have already been accepted to Dean College are not eligible and the scholarship amount will be reduced for commuters who do not live on campus.) Scholarships will be awarded at the close of the workshop.
    (Note: final acceptance of scholarship winner is contingent upon strong academic standing in high school and applying and being accepted to Dean College -
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